Ice Wine – AAA+

Type: Hybrid – Grade: AAA+ – THC: 24%

Ice Wine is a rare and unique hybrid strain with a sweet and fruity aroma and taste. Its buds are dense and covered in trichomes, and it offers a complex aroma with notes of grape, berries, and earthiness. Ice Wine is a popular strain among cannabis enthusiasts due to its unique taste and joyful high.

  • Effects: Ice Wine’s effects are euphoric and uplifting, making it an excellent choice for social situations or creative endeavors. It offers a cerebral high that can enhance focus, creativity, and energy levels. Its high THC levels also make it effective for managing symptoms of chronic pain, depression, and anxiety.
  • Medical Benefits: Ice Wine is often used to manage symptoms of chronic pain, depression, and anxiety due to its high THC levels. It can also help to alleviate symptoms of insomnia and nausea. Additionally, Ice Wine’s euphoric and uplifting effects make it an excellent choice for managing symptoms of stress and depression.


Ice Wine – AAA+

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